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 I need to do something. I need to get out of the house, I need to clear my head and break the patterns I've settled into. 

For my sanity.
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Today is March 14th.Pi(e)! )
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I got my new Google phone. It's great, except it has an awesome contact list, all in sync with my google contacts. This means now (because I'm a little ocd) I have to have all my contacts complete with first and last names, phone numbers, email addresses, and addresses (if I have them). Also AIM, GoogleChat, MSN, and Yahoo! screen names. So, comments are screened. Let me know all of the ways I can get in contact with you, my wonderful friends.


Oct. 20th, 2008 10:34 am
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As promised, more pictures of my newest pieces. Follow the image link to my listing and more information.

(Discounts for all LJ users)
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I will no longer be reachable by phone. Probably not until monday or tuesday, even as late as wednesday when I get my G1. Texts won't be responded to. Email is going to be your best bet.

Going for a brisk walk around Greenlake, and then tennis. After that, back to baking and playing around in the kitchen.
Also, open invite to hand out candy with me on Halloween. I don't have any other plans pending, as I've sort of been off the social radar. Not really by choice. But, it's the first year I'll have a real front door looking at a busy street, so I want to decorate and look at the cute kiddies in their costumes.
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That with an empty house, I need to throw another dinner party.
Nothing fancy. Maybe this weekend. Maybe people can bring things, maybe they don't have to. I don't care. There is always plenty of foodz at my place. Some will be hand made, and some will be store bought. Some, I might even have to bake at K and E's, because my stove is still broken (but may be fixed tomorrow).

Reply with interest. We'll pick a time. I must warn you, I am open to multiple. It's about damn time I put the house to better use, and entertained.
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Everything is a buzz around here now that I have given notice. They are trying to work out a plan to have me stay, but in all honesty, I am done for a while. I'll figure something else out. On a related note, who wants to buy some jewelry? ;)

(Amber, your bracelet is done. I need your address and I will mail it out.)
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I am giving my two weeks. Actually, I've unofficially given my two weeks.
My Big Boss lady is in tears, but honestly, unless they offer me a huge raise, and benefits, plus a flexible schedule, I do not see this happening.
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Less than one week until I get to meet Robert Plant. My whole life has been leading up to this.
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Why doesn't TiVo have a "Play All" feature?
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Boss is giving me  the day off. What to do, what to do?
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Comment to be kept.  


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